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Much like Chiropractic, Osteopathy focuses on the importance of the spine and joints. It is based on the principle that an individuals wellbeing depends upon the bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues all working in harmony together. Osteopaths believe that for your body to work well, its structure must also work well. Osteopaths use 'adjustments' of the joints (similar to those described for chiropractors) and more relaxing manipulation for softer areas to correct structural and mechanical faults and allow the body to heal itself. They may also give advice on lifestyle changes and suggest exercises to do at home. Osteopathy is most commonly used for back and joint pain such as arthritis, sciatica, frozen shoulder and sports injuries.


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Osteopathy treatments consists of a qualified Osteopath using their knowledge and hands to detect and treat the affected areas of your body that suffer. Their techniques consist of gently stretching, massaging, and the articulation of joints and muscles. On occasion high-velocity thrusts are used depending upon how severe cases are. Osteopaths do not use any medication or surgery. Their treatment is purely physical and verbal. First time treatments should last up to 45 minutes, and any following treatments around 30 minutes.


Osteopathy consists of a number of techniques that aim to restore an individuals joints and muscles back to their normal functions. These techniques also encourage blood to move correctly back and forth between the organs and tissues, reducing pain.


Discomfort may be caused by joints being moved beyond what the individual can do by themselves. However this produces an overall positive effect.


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