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About Three Counties Arthritis Care

3 Counties Arthritis Care is an educational support group set up by Orthopaedic Consultant, Nadim Aslam which aims to support and educate those members of the local community who suffer from arthritis, a condition which affects 1 in 5 people living in the UK. Although most people have heard about arthritis, few people, even those who have the condition know much about it.


Being diagnosed with arthritis can raise many concerns and questions. 3 Counties Arthritis Care therefore aims to support people from diagnoses by educating them about the causes of the condition; the kinds of treatments that are available; ways of coping and managing the condition.



3 Counties Arthritis Care wants to create a society in which the medical needs of those who suffer from arthritis are understood, supported and fully met.



3 Counties Arthritis Care is working to take the pain away from those suffering with arthritis in the Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire areas by providing patients with the knowledge, support and the highest level of Orthopaedic care.



  1. Educate and inform the general public on all aspects of arthritis as well as making sure everyone has information about, and access to, the best possible services and support.

  2. Working to dispel the myth that ‘nothing can be done for arthritis’.

  3. Reduce pain and disability in those who suffer from the condition through educating sufferers about the long term management options, alternative therapies and treatments.

  4. To deliver the highest standards of orthopaedic care and knowledge from some of the best healthcare professionals in the field.





When people with arthritis learn about their condition and about managing it, the impact is often life-changing. With this in mind, 3 Counties Arthritis Care wants to improve general understanding and achieve its aims by:

  1. Holding regular Patient Education Events to raise awareness of arthritis but will also enable those with the condition to identify the support and access it.

  2. We will deliver messages to key target audiences encouraging arthritis sufferers that lots can be done to improve their mobility, confidence and overall wellbeing. The use of patient case studies that have undergone different treatments will attend meetings to speak to others who are considering a procedure and will document their treatment from consultation to recovery.

  3. Phyio’s, Chiropractors, Osteopaths will attend regular meetings to showcase local services to arthritis sufferers and inform them about existing and new techniques used to treat arthritis.

  4. 3 Counties Arthritis Care will also educate sufferers about surgical expectations, as well as setting realistic goals.

  5. Presentations and in depth discussions on Knee and Hip arthritis and surgical options.

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