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A healthy diet and lifestyle is very important when suffering with arthritis. Not only does it help you manage the disease, it also prevents it from getting worse. By eating healthier and getting enough exercise your body can remain in general good health. A varied diet provides the body with the right amount of daily nutrients the body needs to function correctly. With enough exercise and the balanced diet an appropriate weight can be maintained, preventing further pain and discomfort from arthritis. Another benefit of a healthy diet is that it can counter balance possible side effects of medication used to relieve arthritic pain. Certain foods are thought to flare up cases of arthritis and so it is beneficial to meet with a nutritionist if you feel that this might be a reason for your suffering. Nutritionists work with your body and life style to give practical and realistic advice on how to change nutritional intake and improve your health.


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A general healthy diet is one that is:

- high in fruit and vegetables
- high in starch and fibre
- low in fatty foods and salt
- low in added sugar.


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