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As a complimentary therapy, Chiropractic has gained the most respect within the medical community. It claims to improve mobility and relieve pain by focusing on mechanical problems in the joints, particularly the spine. Chiropractors use a wide range of gentle, specific manipulation techniques to unlock the stiff joints and to help restore proper function and mobility to the affected areas, which in turn settles the pain. While they cannot reverse the damage in joints affected by arthritis, Chiropractors claim that this regular adjustment can keep joints healthier and more mobile. This leads to a reduction in pain and the pace at which further damage is caused by the disease.



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Chiropractic consists of a number of adjustments to the body, particularly the spine. It is considered a manual therapy manipulating the joints and soft tissue to help ease pain. Further treatment includes exercises and health and lifestyle counselling to help the patient prevent and deal with the affects of arthritis.


Areas of the body, specifically joints and soft tissue, are adjusted to relieve tiny pockets of gas from the joints producing a "popping" noise. The aim of these adjustments are to normalise the movement of the joints and thus ease or relieve pain caused by arthritis.


Contrary to popular belief Chiropractis is generally painless and an undramatic procedure. Discomfort may be caused by joints being moved beyond what the individual can do by themselves. However this produces an overall positive effect.



Catherine L. Owers, Chiropractor - 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic, Malvern

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