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Medi offers a comprehensive range of orthopaedic braces, supports and compression garments for every indication. We are a family owned company that is based in Hereford. We offer excellence in delivery, with a free next working day delivery service. Customer service is a keystone for the company. You can rely on medi products; they are tailored for maximum compliance to guarantee the best possible treatment success.

Quality every time: in product, in service, in ordering and in delivery.


Medi UK Ltd, Plough Lane, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 0EL
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Incorrect positioning of tibia to femur leads to varus or valgus malposition. This can cause arthritis and destruction of the knee’s hyaline cartilage.

A wide variety of conservative and operative treatments can be applied to the therapy of the different stages of osteoarthritis. These all have the aim of allowing the patient to move without pain once again. At the early stages of osteoarthritis the main focus is on stress reduction, thereafter the later stages of osteoarthritis often require medical supplies /orthoses that ensure both firm hold and maximum protection. medi products provide the right medical care for each stage of osteoarthritis and offer a high level of technology for maximum customer satisfaction.


Your key medi benefits:

• Due to the medi compression technology and other product benefits, medi products provide premium technological standards

• Medi is constantly researching and applying new technologies

• Medi products are easy to handle due to low profiles and light constructions

• High compliance and customer satisfaction confirm medi as a leading global player in the healthcare market



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