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Acupuncture is a long established form of therapy and has existed as part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. It is only in the past 30 years that is has become integrated into, and used in conjunction with, general medicine. It is used to affectively treat the pain and inflammation associated with all types of arthritis, and over time encourages the body to enhance its own healing power to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation.


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The treatment uses very fine sterile needles that are carefully inserted through the skin at specific points up to 1cm deep. They are usually left in the skin for up to 30 minutes for maximum effect. For a more successful treatment is it advised to not eat a heavy meal before undergoing a session of acupuncture. This is because the process of digestion alters the pattern of your pulse affecting overall success.


Acupuncture affects all areas of the body, and so the needles used do not have to be placed in areas directly affected by arthritis . This is because the brain and spinal cord are stimulated by the acupuncture, and are encouraged to produce natural chemicals throughout the body. The chemicals include endorphins to relieve pain, melatoin to encourage sleep, and serotonin to enhance feelings of well being.


Acupuncture needling is not considered a painful process. However there are reports of a pinprick or scratch like sensation. A mild ache, warmth, or numbness sensation might be endured, but this is merely your body recognising the treatment and undergoing its stimulation process. Each treatment is tailored to the patient and their individual needs.




Mindy Davey, Physiotherapist - Two-o-Six Physiotherapy and Sports Massage, Worcester.

Rachel Stevens, Physiotherapist - Two-o-Six Physiotherapy and Sports Massage, Worcester.


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