Sue Eden

Sue qualified at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1989. She has her own practice in Newent with a professional team of other therapists, as well as two other Osteopaths – Penny Kavallares and Tanya Campbell. Between them they have over 65 years' experience in osteopathy!.


As an independent osteopath, Sue is able to give time to her clients and follow up appointments to ensure good progress.

Sue treats people of all ages and for many conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, RSI, nerve entrapments, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, sciatica, joint problems, PMS pains, headaches & migraines, sports injuries, muscular problems, mechanical imbalances, workplace injuries and much more. She uses a variety of treatment techniques including muscle energy technique, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation and cranial techniques. She also uses ultrasound, remedial exercises, and kinesiology taping.

Best results come from early referral. Patients can usually be seen within a few days of initial contact which increases the overall speed and success of recovery.

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