Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance. Practitioners use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual's symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows them to work with individuals to address nutritional balance and help support the body towards maintaining health. Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions and weight loss, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing. Practitioners consider each individual to be unique and recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a 'one size fits all' approach.


The initial consultation involves questions about significant areas of your health, family history, lifestyle and diet/nutrition and clarification of your ultimate health goals will be identified. Once all this information has been gathered, a fully personalised nutritional programme is put together for you that will be posted or emailed within a few days of your appointment. This will incorporate:

  • Detailed dietary recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations, if appropriate.
  • Meal and recipe suggestions
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Recommended tests, if appropriate
  • Email support between consultations to help you stay motivated.


Jackie Tarling

We are looking for specialists to provide this service within the three counties area. If you are interested please click here.