Two-O-Six Physiotherapy

Mindy Davey and Rachel Stevens are Chartered Physiotherapists who established their clinic 206 Physiotherapy and Sports Massage in 2007 at the University of Worcester. Although based on campus we are open to members of the public and receive clients on a self-referral as well as medical referral basis.

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This season we became the team Physios to Worcester Wolves Basketball team.

We are one of 3 selected clinics in the West Midlands region which treats Talented Athlete scholars, young athletes who represent the UK in major international sporting events at a junior level.
We treat athletes of all ages and abilities, from a wide variety of sporting backgrounds. Through our contacts with Runaround (Worcester’s specialist running shop), we have developed a particular interest in running associated injuries.
We believe in regularly liaising with coaches at local sports clubs such as cricket, football, swimming and athletics, to better support the young athletes we treat.
We have given talks to coaches and club members on the management of sports injuries through events such as the local coaching network evenings and the University of Worcester coaching conference.
Although the clinic has a bias towards treating sports injuries, we have many years clinical experience and regularly treat the non-sporting population for their injuries too.
Rachel and Mindy are members of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine, the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and are registered with the Health Professions council.
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