Susan Brazier Osteopath

Sue Brazier opened her clinic in 2002 and heads a small, professional team of Therapists who specialize in Osteopathy & Sports and Remedial Massage. Sue qualified at The College of Osteopaths in 1998 and was working in an osteopathic practice in Cambridgeshire before moving to Malvern in 1999, working in Malvern and Tewkesbury as well as the Physiotherapy department at South bank hospital.

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Osteopathy looks at the whole person. On your first visit a thorough case history will be taken and then we may ask to examine you. You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and you may need to carry out simple movements so that the Osteopath can assess your spine and posture. Treatment is carried out using our hands (manual therapy). It is by this method that a wide range of conditions can be treated and to people of all ages. Treatment includes stretching the muscles and connective tissues, rhythmic joint movements and manipulation. We may give you simple, specific exercises to do at home and give some postural suggestions. All of this help and advice is to try and restore function, movement and alleviate any pain. Sue has also attended a course in Acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and will expand her treatments to include this speciality. Sue is registered with The General Osteopathic Council and a member of the British Osteopathic Association and BMAS.  Please telephone the clinic for any appointments. If there is no-one to take your call, please leave a message on our answer phone and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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