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Black Pear Physio was originally established in 1991 as a business providing injury solutions, fitness training, and general health and well-being to professional sports teams around the UK. These teams included Warwickshire County Cricket Club, England Cricket, Moseley Rugby Club, England ‘A’ Rugby Union, Great Britain Bulldogs American football team, and the Benetton F1 motor racing team.

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The concepts learned and fine tuned from 10 years work with these elite sportsmen evolved into a concept of providing elite level care in private practice.

The ethos of SJN Partnership continues to be rooted in professional sports. The concept of individual diagnosis followed by agreed detailed treatment planning which is delivered as quickly and safely as possible, remains as one our guiding principles.

As part of the treatment we recognise that the cause of the injury needs to be established so that further occurrences can be prevented. This may involve specific training routines for the individual, and recommendations to alter life style choices.

We are very proud to have been awarded the prestigious internationally recognised ISO 9000 status for our quality management systems. SJN Partnership is one of the very few physiotherapy businesses in the United Kingdom to have achieved this coveted award. We are also privileged to have been awarded the “2 ticks” scheme which demonstrates our commitment to employing people with disability.

7 Compelling reasons why you should have treatment from Black Pear Physio

On average we discharge patients after just 3 treatments. This means that most problems are solved for an investment of just over £115.

We have early morning, evening and Saturday clinics every week, and we have on-site parking.

The majority of our patients are pain free and return to full function in under 3 weeks.

We guarantee we will not treat any conditions we feel that there is little chance of reaching our mutually agreed goals set at the assessment.

All sessions including the assessment are solution focused with aim that after each attendance you feel progress has been made.

We guarantee that we never over treat any patient by encouraging more attendances than is absolutely necessary. We actively encourage our patients to take responsibility for their own recovery.

Our team are passionate about what they do and this shows in the attention to detail in your care.

Furthermore we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your care in any way, we will full refund your money.

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